About Me

Hi, I'm Jen. I'm a wife, a mother of two kids, and by day I am a Mechanical Engineer for the Space Program. I am on a mission to improve my health, create better habits for myself, and continue to learn and try new things.

My Story

In my journey toward better health, I am one of those people who took the long road. I started out with my first Beachbody program, P90X, in 2009. I borrowed it from a friend in the hopes that I could take off some baby weight and improve my energy. P90X did this for me and I was happy with my results. I signed up with my coach and took her advice and tried Shakeology. I really liked it, but I was put off by the cost decided not to stick with it. soon enough, I was pregnant with my second child and I slipped back into old habits. I "ate for two", consumed plenty of junk, and told myself I could take off the weight later.

Fast forward nearly three years and the weight was still there, and thanks to my unhealthy habits, it wasn't about to budge. In 2013, I decided that things had to change. There were a lot of changes happening at my job and my health took a nosedive. A lot of my colleagues left and moved away and I was afraid for my own job. I coped by joining in with potlucks and eating treats. My weight climbed to the highest it had ever been. I had no energy and my mood was awful. I knew that I had to do something big, something that works, and I knew I'd have to commit this time.

Beachbody had worked for me in the past, so I went straight to my coach to begin my transformation.  I ordered a Focus T25 Challenge Pack and signed up as a coach. I drank my Shakeology every day for breakfast, I did my workouts in the evenings, and I started eating right. The change I felt was dramatic. Within weeks I had more energy and focus, I felt happier, and slept better. By the end of the program, people were starting to really take notice and my confidence levels were through the roof!

Why I chose Beachbody
- I love that Beachbody focuses on exercise and good nutrition. A lot of the other options I saw were for quick weight loss. That is nice in the short run, but I didn't want that weight to sneak right back on.
- There is a huge variety of fitness programs to choose from. From beginners to elite athletes, everyone can enjoy the Beachbody workouts.
- The newer programs focus on saving time with workouts that are 25-30 minutes. As a busy working parent, I love this!
- The programs are high quality, led by tried-and-true fitness experts, and come with an in-depth nutrition plan to help you succeed.
- I didn't have any more of what I call "gym guilt". In the past I have tried to commit to a gym schedule, only to fizzle out after a few weeks because of the inconvenience. With these programs I work out in my home with my kids nearby (or cheering me on!). I also have an online support group and a coach who keeps me on track.

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